...Some of the region's best birding is to be had in KwaZulu Natal...

On this Tour we could include the following destinations in addition to those described in the 7 Day Tour:

  • Two nights in either Ndumo Game Reserve or Tembe Elephant Park. Ndumo is famous for it’s wetland habitat  and Tembe, of course has the elephants. Both are on the northern border of South Africa (with Mozambique) and a number of species are at the southern limit of their ranges here, eg Retz’s Helmetshrike, Blue-throated Sunbird, etc.

  •  2 nights in the mountainous Drakensberg region in the care of the renowned Robin Guy. He is the recognised expert for the area and on one of the days he’ll take us up Sani Pass and on the other day into a local forest and a wetland. Only if the weather is very poor will you leave this area disappointed with your experience and your haul of ‘ticks’.

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