...supports some unique species of trees, birds etc...

Here we list our (current) endemics and sub-endemics. The latest Roberts 7th Edition names have been used in this list and the Red Data Book species are asterisked.
Apalis, Rudd's
Batis, Cape
Barbet, White-eared
Blackcap, Bush
Boubou, Southern  
Bulbul, Cape  
Buzzard, Forest
Buzzard, Jackal
Canary, Forest
Chat, Anteating  
Chat, Buff-streaked
Chat, Karoo
Chat, Sickle-winged
Cliff-Swallow, South African
Cormorant, Bank
Cormorant, Crowned  
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Some of the important bird areas in our region:
  • Mkhuze Reserve
  • Ndumo Reserve
  • Dlinza and Umgoye
  • Drakensberg
  • Wakkerstroom
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